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Exclusive Vegan Cloud Modular comfort for your home

February 25th, 2021 · 1 min read

There is no better way to describe 2020, than by calling it chaotic. For decades, we played with fire in tempting the climate and we saw it fight back until we adapted, for the better. Through all that chaos of global shutdowns there was a glimmer of positivity, as we saw air and water pollution drop to historic lows.

At Nuvahs, we wanted to do our part to come out of this pandemic on the right side of history and promote better living for the world.

We are excited to announce, we are bringing online, one of our best kept secrets – the Vegan Rhea Modular Cloud Sofa.

We leverage recycled plastic materials recovered from the ocean to create our down. We go through a strenuous process to engineer the ocean material and create the down material that our clients have sat on for years and loved.

As a generational family business and Canada’s only online retailer that uses vegan down, we take pride in knowing that we are helping build towards a sustainable future.

As we come out of this pandemic, and technology continues to advance – we will have the ability through humane ways to build furniture that not only look and feel beautiful but also, more importantly, abandon the unnecessary cruelty to animals.

Customize your own, Rhea Cloud and see reviews from many of our happy customers.
In case the Rhea Cloud isn’t your style, feel free to check out our entire collection as we use vegan down in all our sofas!

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